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Carine C. Legaspi  BSN,  RN
Laredo Child Development Center
303-363-0484, ext 21523 

Dear Parent/Guardian:
The Laredo Child Development Center has a school nurse on-site during school hours.  Many children attending school face complex and life-threatening health challenges which require care at school.  The school nurse makes sure that each child’s health needs are safely met during the school hours.  She is  involved with emergency response, injuries and illness, management of immunizations and health statements, mental health, nutrition, health education, case management, and school safety.  The school nurse communicates with parents, healthcare providers, teachers and community resources to provide for the health needs of your child.
It is extremely important for parents to notify the school nurse if your child has any health concerns. The school must be notified when the child is diagnosed with a communicable disease such as measles, pertussis (whooping cough), mumps, chicken pox, etc. A student with a serious health condition (examples include diabetes, severe food allergies, asthma, seizures, etc.) must have an individual health plan written by the school nurse and kept on file in the health office.  
Please let the school nurse know if your have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s health and safety while at school.  If your child becomes ill or injured while at school, the nurse will assess your child and contact you if necessary at the phone numbers you have provided the school.  Please keep the school updated with your current contact numbers.
Please click on the following links for additional Health Information: 

1. Kid's Clinics at Laredo CDC #303-326-1953 or Crawford 303-326-2090  EspañolKidsClinic Nuevo #303-326-1953 o Crawford 303-326-2090

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9. 31 - Help Kids Maintain Weight Q1 2016

Keeping Kids Healthy and Ready to Learn

We know that students need to be healthy in order to learn. APS has partnered with Aurora Mental Health, Children’s Hospital Colorado and Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics to provide Kids Clinic locations at Crawford and Laredo elementary schools. The clinics offer comprehensive, caring and affordable health care for all APS students and their brothers and sisters.

Both Kids Clinic locations provide physical, dental and mental health services to patients with and without health insurance. They can also help uninsured families enroll in insurance plans, including Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus.

The clinics are staffed by bilingual nurse practitioners, physician assistants and certified medical assistants.

Contact each clinic to make an appointment. After school appointments and walk ins are available. Hours vary by location. Feel free to call one of the clinics listed below for more information or visit our website at


Mantengamos a los niños sanos y listos para aprender

Sabemos que todos los estudiantes necesitan estar sanos para poder aprender. APS se ha unido con Aurora Mental Health, Children’s Hospital Colorado y Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics para crear la clínica de niños (Kids Clinic) en las escuelas primarias Crawford y Laredo. Las clínicas ofrecen cuidados de salud integrales, de alta calidad y bajo costo para todos los estudiantes de APS y sus hermanos.

Estas dos sedes de Kids Clinic ofrecen atención física, dental y mental a todos los pacientes, con y sin seguro médico. También pueden ayudar a las familias que no tienen seguro médico, para que se inscriban en planes como Medicaid y Child Health Plan Plus.

Las clínicas cuentan con enfermeras especializadas, asistentes médicos y personal de apoyo bilingüe y certificado.

Para hacer una cita hay que llamar a cada clínica. También se puede acudir sin cita después del horario escolar. Los horarios varían en cada clínica. Si desea obtener más información, por favor llame a cualquiera de las clínicas que aparecen a continuación, o acuda a nuestra página web:



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