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Laredo Child Development Center
1420 Laredo St.
Aurora, CO 80011 [map]
303-326-1215 fax
Cynthia Andrews
Admin TOSA
Jessica Smith
Shandra Tucciarone

Child Find Coordinator
Erin Turner
Derline Gaucin, Secretary
ext. 28431
15751 E. 1st Ave.
Fax: 303-326-1285
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Colorado Preschool Program

Early Childhood Education

Child Development Center



Preschool Screening, ESL and Kindergarten Information: 2019       


If you have any questions or need additional information, please call our main office at (303) 363-0484.  

Welcome to Preschool!

We are excited to work with you in making this a great experience for your preschool child.  Our classrooms follow a curriculum for learning new skills in a fun and educational way. Here are a few procedures that will help the school year run smoothly.

Supply List for students: Please drop off supplies on the first day of school

Kleenex (tissues)

Paper Towels

Paper Napkins

Washable Markers


Construction Paper

1 glue Bottle

3 glue sticks


Sidewalk Chalk

Front Office:

  • Emergency Form (Keep this up- to-date throughout the year)
    • Only adults over 18 yrs. old
    • Must show picture I.D.
    • Only persons on form will be able to pick up and drop off
  • Health Physical forms
    • Must be turned in 30 days after student enrolls


  • Absence
    • Must always be called in @ 303-363-0484
    • Doctors note is required after four consecutive days


  • Health
    • Let us know about any health concerns (asthma, seizures, allergies, etc.)



  • Outside classroom door
  • Only persons on the emergency form ( must 18 and over)
  • More than 10 minutes late come through the front office
  • Must sign-in student
  • Close gates at all times ( never leave the gate open for the security of children)

 Pick- Up:

  • Outside classroom door
  • Only persons on the emergency form ( must be 18 and over)
  • Must show picture I.D.
  • Must sign-out student
  • If going to be late, call the front office @ 303-363-0484
  • Close gates at all times ( never leave the gate open for the security of the children)

 Parking Lot:

  • In designated areas
  • DO NOT leave children unattended in your vehicle ( not even for a minute)
  • DO NOT park in the bus zone
  • Handicap spaces must have handicap plate or on mirror. NO EXCEPTION!
  • DO NOT park next door at Global Village Preschool (May be towed)


  • NO cell phones
  • NO animals (dogs, cats, ferret, etc.)


Healthy Way to Grow!


Dear Parents and Guardians,

We have great news to share! Laredo Child Development Center has partnered with the American Heart Association to be part of a new national program called Healthy Way to Grow. As part of the Healthy Way to Grow program, we are working with the American Heart Association and Nemours Children’s Hospital to support our center to be an even healthier environment for your children. Through Healthy Way to Grow, we promote wellness opportunities for students, staff and families which support healthier lifestyle choices. We are excited about the launch of this new program in our Center.

For more information on Healthy Way to Grow, please visit www.healthywaytogrow.org.

Page last updated on January 11, 2019

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